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Welcome to Kastler Highschool


Parents, students, staff, associates, this slogan is for you and I welcome you to our website, a showcase to the Lycée Alfred Kastler.



Come discover our school’s community, rich from its history, rigor and dynamism.

Our establishment is a remarkable channel of scientific and technologic qualifications, and thus since its creation, from initial training, to apprenticeships.

The education provided, without prejudice, is aimed just as much at girls than at boys.

In a changing society, our goals, in constant evolution, include a never-ending drive to bring a solid general knowledge to our young through high-end training. This sustainable investment will enable them to meet the scientific and technological challenges of today and tomorrow, for a better integration into the workplace.

Through an education centered around the student, we guide them in their studies on to the path to success, as soon as they get implicated and driven. The good results in exams prove the efficiency of our establishment, made from the rigor in our work. These values, as well as a particular attention paid to each student and their career plan, enrich their personality and comfort them throughout their educational pathway.

I wish to share this success with the Conseil Régional d’Aquitaine who, with its commitment, create the material conditions that allows us to go on.

The staff and myself are happy to greet you for a constructive meeting allying seriousness and friendliness.

Thank you for reading and for your trust, now and in the future.