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3 vocational streams in LAK

The 3 vocational streams of our high school

The boil marker sector


The holder of this diploma is a specialist in boiler works, industrial pipe work and metallic structures. He works mainly in a workshop, but also on site for installation or maintenance.

This qualified professional is involved in the implementation of many products, both by their nature (metal, ferrous and non-ferrous alloy, plastic, composite materials…) and by their form (flat, profiled, tubes…), dimension or assembly method. He may use traditional manually operated machines, as well as digitally controlled machines or robots. He knows the assembly techniques for each material he uses (welding, riveting, bolting, bonding…) and knows what machines to use (laser cutter, plasma cutter, guillotine, folding press, welding robot…) He also knows the appropriate software to use such as DAO or FAO.

Following his training, he can find employment businesses of many different sectors: aviation and spatial construction, railway construction, naval construction, food-processing industry, chemical industry, construction industry, nuclear industry, paper industry, petrol industry, pharmaceutic industry…


The machining technician sector

The holder of this diploma is a specialist in machining by removing material.

He knows how to analyze the technical data and use numeric data (computer assisted conception and creation…). At the launch and during the production, he prepares the tools and tooling equipment needed. He creates a program from a numeric definition and using computer-assisted manufacturing software, then runs a simulation of the program. He then establishes and transfers the data.

He adjusts and executes the system. He selects the measuring and control equipment. He installs and adjusts the tools and tooling equipment. He creates parts respecting quality, delays and cost. He performs first level maintenance of the production system.

The technician works with a team and cooperates with the other departments of the company.

He also has general production management knowledge concerning the workshop.


The numeric systems sector

The holder of this diploma is a technician capable of intervening on equipment and installations, exploited and organized though intercommunicating systems, communicating and converging together with numeric technology, from mainstream to professional or industrial sectors.

This diploma tackles, in its three options, the main skills enabling the technician to practice trades linked to processing, installation, development, commissioning and preventative, corrective and curative maintenance (diagnostic, trouble shooting and repair)…