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Erasmus DIIP Norway Mobility



Hamar, Norway from 10 to 16 February 2019 


Two teachers Gilbert DO VALE (technical machining) and Jean-Louis TISSANDIER (digital systems) and four students Marine TROCELIER (1ST3), Léa BELLOIR (1ST3), Thibault BRET (2TU) et Aron GAUDUCHEAU (2TU) were boarding at 4 in the morning at Merignac airport.

Students were very warmly welcomed in their host family who enabled them to see and to visit town and its surroundings.


During their stay, Spanish, Italian, Norwegian and French students met to work in accordance with a schedule set up together for this mobility:

  • Compare measurement of thermal losses of the walls and windows in the class room by each establishment according to the protocol.
  • Collecting data on the different energy resources of each country and create the European map.
  • Discussion on the innovative and/or aerial means necessary to realize a roof thermography in order to improve the energy performance measures.
  • Visit of a thermal energy production plant which permit producing is own sustainable energy sources from household garbage and non-organic waste of HAMAR city. The school of our Norwegian partner is supplied with warm water and heating by this network.


Norwegian team gave us a friendly refreshing lunch (picnic) around an outdoor skating arena. It was a real opportunity for everyone to try practicing skating and “hockey” together.

We went back to France with a real embedding experience in Norwegian culture. We have many fond memories of it.