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Technology Studies and Vocational Training



Secondary school is an important period of your life that shapes your future.

In order to stack all the odds in your favor, you must choose a path that valorizes your aptitudes and be in step with the economic needs at the time.

Energy control, environmental management, new technologies: all these sectors are in need of engineers, executives and technicians, that you will be tomorrow.

This is why the school Alfred Kastler calling, long renowned for its scientific, technological and professional training, is to prepare you for these careers.





Choosing the school Alfred Kastler is choosing an establishment that has ambitious objectives for each student :

  • Training leading to qualifications in promising fields of economics, science, new technologies, and sustainable development.
  • Individual support for better results.
  • The empowerment of women through economic, scientific and technological culture.
  • Cultural and European openness thanks to our European section which provides work experience abroad.
  • Vast opportunities in higher education giving to careers such as senior technicians, engineers and executives.



French physicist Alfred Kastler, received the Nobel Prize in 1966 for the discovery and development of optical methods for studying Hertzian resonances in atoms.

His work resulted in the creation of the laser, which has now become essential in many fields from microsurgery to telecommunication networks.