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Erasmus+ mobility in Barcelona for DIIP project





From May 5th to May 11th 2019, 4 students from 1ère SN and 1ère ST3 (Adrien Gomez Delgado, Fawaz Haddad, Florian Roumegou and Thibault Laroche), along with Mrs. Ribrault (professor of Mathematics) and MR. Langinier (professor of Sciences of Engineer), were in Barcelona as part of Erasmus+ DIIP project.

Norwegian and Italian partners joined them and everyone was welcomed at the STUCOM school in Barcelona.

They took advantage of this week to advance the DIIP project "Digital Innovation and Industrial Processes facing challenge of sustainable development". Students attended a Physics class and a Technology Tp whose aim was to acquire information from a temperature sensor, using an Arduino board.

The visit of "Fabrica del Sol" was also a great moment. They had the chance to observe various innovative solutions implemented to meet the challenges of sustainable development, in the areas of building, energy and recycling.

This week was rich of cultural visits and under a spring sunshine they improved their English and reinforce the bond of friendship with the partners. They even took a break at Barceloneta's beach.

When the time of good bye have come, everyone hoped to meet again next autumn in Turin.



Erasmus+ Team Kastler